to Dec 31

The 108 Project 2018 - 2019

108 by GMBB Project is an art fete which features a diverse range of artwork, craft and merchandise by a group of creative practitioners at the GMBB – a brand new creative retail destination in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Bintang is one of Malaysia’s creative and cultural destinations. GMBB aims to infuse new energy among a new breed of creative entrepreneurs. While engaging Kuala Lumpur as a metropolitan, with its manifold cultures and histories, a selected group of creative practitioners will be sharing their version of Malaysian memento with visitors.

This event is open to the public with programmes including workshops and performances.
Do come and pay us a visit!

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to Aug 13

Film Photography Exhibition 2017

Hello! I will be having my second photography exhibition at Hin Bus Depot, Penang on 12th & 13th of August 2017. See you all there! Thanks Hin Bus Depot for the invitation.

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to May 2

Film Photography Exhibition 2016

The title of this publication is something that he has spent a long time thinking about. Since the beginning of it all, he has not tried to define nor limit, what he wants to capture. They are all images that capture Stillness, but he does not consider this as a concept. He wants to approach this exhibition with candor, instead of forcing a topic or concept into it. His intention is to present to the audience where his instinctive pursuit of freedom took him and his lenses, without the boundaries of time, location, techniques or skills. What you see here are things that chance led him to, and called out to his heart.

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